Brian Sweeney

November 21, 2016

That’s right: Too Long; Don’t Read. We’re introducing a new site feature: if you’re not interested in reading a short story head straight over to the Setlist for some curated, high quality content sans the creative writing. My ambition is to update this periodically with new content, so check back periodically or use YouTube’s subscriber features to keep tabs on things.

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Long Day on Long’s Peak

With Fall rapidly approaching, I felt that 14er season, especially for novices like me, would be quickly coming to a close.  Emboldened by my recent success on Capital Peak, I decided to go after Long’s Peak.  When the leaves are down, I can just about see it out my office window.  A quick drive around the block reveals the towering peak, in all of it’s glory.  It’s been taunting me since we moved into the house last November.  I could no longer just ignore it.  So, I checked the weather about a thousand times, squared away my affairs with work for the week, packed a huge heap of clothing, food, and water, and set my alarm for 2:45 AM.  Two hours and 15 minutes later (I really need to work on my alpine starts) I was on the trail and ready to rock.

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Castles in the Sky

And now for the real story behind Castle Peak: planning, route-finding and all!  Perhaps surprisingly given how long it all is, the video does not really show a good hunk of the hike.  Nor does it really give much beta, which could be useful down the road.  There were also a few cool pictures which didn’t make it into the video – it was just getting too long.  So here goes…

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Castle Peak

The summit-ting of our second 14er, Castle Peak, was an endeavor that truly epitomized the One Water, One Coffee, One Beer ethos.  As an homage to this momentous occasion, I’m posting all of the footie in a new format.  Start here and check back often!  Update: All four chapters are now live!  Plus, playlist available via Spotify, below!

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