2013 Roadtrip: Grand Teton NP

We made it to Wyoming and the Tetons by Tuesday afternoon (Day 4), and I was definitely not prepared for the gorgeous views.


The Tetons, which seem to pierce the sky, have no foothills blocking them.


The first ‘view’ at Oxbow Bend.


Heading into Jackson, we stopped to catch the sunset.  After experiencing the town a bit, the next day we went for a long hike along Jenny and it’s neighboring lakes.


One of my favorite views was Cascade Canyon, which we hiked up into a bit in the afternoon.


We doubled back near Bear Paw lake, to cross over to the western side of Jenny lake.


Mt. Moran interested me almost more than the Grand, due to its sheer mass and many glaciers.




The Tetons proper.


We saw lots of wildlife, much more than you expect to see on an outing in the East.


Sadly, we had to continue onward, all to soon.  We’ll be back though.  The allure of the Tetons makes me want to stand on the top of them.

2 thoughts on “2013 Roadtrip: Grand Teton NP

    1. Andrew Ziehl Post author

      If I knew my trees better I could tell you. I have a hard enough time picking them out by their leaves. Based on the branches I assume it was some kind of conifer. We were on a hill in the 1999 burn zone on the western side of Jenny Lake.


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