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Computer programmer, blogger and home-brew software developer with a penchant for back-country adventures, old metal, black coffee and micro-brew.


Chasm Lake Climbers

Back in July, on a hike up to Chasm Lake as part of our 14er training regime, we took a long, waterside break to take in the stunning views.  Among the more exciting scenes was a pair of climbers making their way up a multi-pitch route on a huge wall next to the lake.  Turns out it was an Arc’teryx photo shoot!

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Numero Uno!

After many weeks of warm-up hikes, Kelly and I finally bagged our first 14er! provides a comprehensive rating system, as well as more objective information to include elevation gained, average slope, mileage, and trail technicality.  With this information we were able to target the easier hikes within striking distance of our house and then gradually build up until we were confident in our 14er-summitting capabilities.

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RMNP Blues

A cool respite from the blistering heat of summer…

When the Snow Gods give you lemons, you don’t even get lemon flavored snow.  You just get windburn and bullet proof wind-buff.  Eventually we found some creamy fluff away from the wind.

Honestly the skiing wasn’t great, which you’ll see in the video.  On the other hand, it was a really nice day for a hike, and a good excuse to play with cameras and work on my Adobe Premier skills…

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