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Computer programmer, blogger and home-brew software developer with a penchant for back-country adventures, old metal, black coffee and micro-brew.

The Hunt

The hunt for powder continues!

Even though it hasn’t been classically stormy, there seems to have been enough flurrying to load up a few backcountry zones.  Based on the latest few forecasts and Snotels, the far north sounded the most promising, so we loaded up Xterrible and trekked up to Cameron Pass.  It’s in nice shape.  As long as it keeps flurrying off and on there should be plenty of soft tree-skiing for everyone! read more

Gear Debacle With a Silver Lining

In preparation for my first tour of the year, I lugged my new skis and boots out into the backyard and practiced getting in an out of my new Dynafit Beast 16 Bindings in the patchy snow.  The 16 is essentially a rare beast, given its niche market, and two years in production followed by discontinuation.  Why I’ve elected to use such an unusual apparatus is a story for another post – my intent here is to establish their rarity and my lack of familiarity with them.  Indeed, upon picking them up mounted to my new skis from the shop, I had to be shown how to use them. read more

Dirtbag’s Ski Condo

Between Christmas, Thanksgiving, illness, house projects, lack of snow, and a laundry list of other dumb excuses, we hadn’t managed to get on snow until MLK weekend.  We fired up Xterrible at 5:36 in the AM and made good time on the highway until we got to Golden on I-70 at which time traffic ground to a crawl.  Fast forward three excruciating hours to 8:30 AM, and we found ourselves standing in a humongous line in the A-Basin base lodge hoping to fill up on Huevos Rancheros and bad coffee.  Regarding first chair: all hope was long since abandoned. read more