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Computer programmer, blogger and home-brew software developer with a penchant for back-country adventures, old metal, black coffee and micro-brew.

Thunder Lake

Thunder Lake is a great alpine destination in the Wild Basin neck of the woods.  The total elevation isn’t too great (~ 10k feet) but the round trip mileage is pushing 14, which is pretty respectable.  Most of the hike is rather densely wooded, but eventually, you pop out into a pretty outstanding alpine lake setting complete with views of glaciated slopes and craggy peaks. read more

South Arapahoe Peak

South Arapahoe Peak was the first of our “ambitious” hikes of the summer. Sure Ouzel was a wintry and arduous ordeal, but neither the overall mileage nor max elevation was much to get excited over. South Arapahoe was our first 13er of the year. At under 10 miles and 3k feet of climbing, it would serve as a solid foundation for bigger hikes later in the summer, especially since you end up spending an appreciable amount of time over 12k feet. read more

Ouzel Backpacking

It occurred to us  the other day, that for some reason we haven’t been backpacking once yet in Colorado!  Clearly this was unacceptable, so Kelly picked out a nice warm-up outing so we could get our backpacking legs under us for the season.  We booked a spot at Ouzel Lake, which has an upper and lower site.   The lower spots were filled so we settled for the upper sites.  The upper site is a tad farther from the trail-head, though in either case the whole walk would have been roughly 10 miles round trip.  Would have been… read more