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More Deal Daemon Development!

Things are moving right along with the next version of Deal Daemon.  The main highlights include: less clutter on the home screen, a cleaner style, social media sharing features and a more informative match notification.  There’s plenty of debugging left to do, the promo materials for the Play Store need updating (including the screen shots and video), and the home page needs to be refreshed…  In the mean time, eye candy: read more

Deal Daemon Video and Screenshots

Deal Daemon is nearly ready for prime time.  The UI is shaping up and all of the major features are working consistently.  More testing is needed, to be sure; but I can’t just stare at it forever.  It eventually needs to be released out into the wild where people will (mercilessly, no doubt) critique the interface and functionality and offer feedback.  And after that goes on for a while, I’ll eventually realize that it’s time for an update! read more

Deal Daemon: Open Beta

HTC Inspire 4G notification pane with a real
live alert from Deal Daemon.

That’s right folks; as of about 5 minutes ago this thing finally does something moderately useful.  I think I’m about ready for an open beta test.  Any volunteers?  If you actually help me with this, I’ll hook you up with a free copy of the software and updates for as long as I continue to update it. read more