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Chasm Lake Climbers

Back in July, on a hike up to Chasm Lake as part of our 14er training regime, we took a long, waterside break to take in the stunning views.  Among the more exciting scenes was a pair of climbers making their way up a multi-pitch route on a huge wall next to the lake.  Turns out it was an Arc’teryx photo shoot! read more

Bouldering Bliss

Three days in California is not enough. It was time enough, however, for a great adventure planned out for us by our friend David, who Catherine and I met in person for the first time as he and Paul picked us up from SFO late Friday night, grabbing In and Out on the way to Sacramento. Catherine and I have both been to California before, since she’s hiked the Lost Coast and I lived there when I was much younger, but this was our first trip together to CA. read more

A Bit Of Everything in the PNW: Day 2

After earning some turns, we set off the next morning for Vantage, WA to climb at Frenchman Coulee. I’ll be writing this entry since Sweeney has a backlog of his own adventures to catch up on, so stay tuned for that. Vantage was quite a change of environment, by leaving spring in Seattle, driving up over Snoqualmie Pass, through winter and into arid flat lands. Catherine has a great photo post of the trip, but I’ll try to add some details about the climbing itself. read more

Whirlwind Acadia Weekend

I wasn’t sure it would happen, but this past August I managed to continue the tradition of making it up to Acadia at least once.  I had to drive by myself both ways, but it was totally worth it for an amazing weekend on the island.

I drove up Friday and made it onto the island in time to settle in before it got too late.  Saturday morning we put in my sister’s Kayak and rented another to head out into Somes Sound.  The weather was perfect, blue skies, and glassy ocean without much wind. read more