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For everyone who has ever asked, “Didn’t you just go [hiking|skiing|biking|rafting|kayaking|insert outdoors sport of choice here]?”  Well here is my response.  And you may (in fact I encourage you to) quote me on this.

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Fraught With Peril

This past weekend Kelly and I capped off the cycling season with one last ridiculous race: The Ice Weasels Cometh!  It was miserably cold (~10 degrees), the course was frozen solid, featured numerous off-camber sections, icy straight-aways, one huge run-up, a slick series of downhill switchbacks, and of course the quintessential barriers, forcing the rider to dismount or bunny-hop.  While I suffered from a flat-tire on the second lap and finished poorly, Kelly pulled her best finish of the season placing 6th in her category.  The peril (and fun) is captured in stunning HD below, for your enjoyment! read more


So Kelly talked me into yet another crazy sport – Cyclocross: a hilarious merging of road racing and mountain bike racing.  Clocking in at around 40 minutes per race, it’s the sprint of bike racing formats.  Although for a slouch like me, it’s an endurance sport.  The courses are highly technical featuring isolated sprints, tight cornering, various obstacles which force you to dismount, off-camber traverses and other elements designed to slow you down or very carefully choose your line. read more