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Pemi Loop

After an entire week of sweating my face off around Boston, Rob, Shane and I figured it was about time to head back up north for some cooler climes, fresh air and good old fashioned exercise.  The plan came together at the absolute last minute, with details lacking finalization until some late hour of Friday night.  Per usual, we reasoned that we’d better stock up on calories, so we hit the town in search of beers and burgers.  Around midnight we skulked back to our respective apartments, set our alarms for 6:30 AM and crashed.  Shortly after 7 AM we all rallied and set off for Lincoln, NH. read more

Sprite 1 Pitchlight and Great Gulf Recon Mission

In an effort to escape last weekend’s heat, Rob, Ziehl and I literally ran for the hills.  At the time of this trip’s original incarnation we actually had a decent sized crew signed up to attend, but one way or another, all but the three of us bailed at the last minute.  We began to realize this while en route to our camp site Friday night.  In light of these developments we began to wonder if something more ambitious than the original plan was in order.  By the time we made camp and had cracked our first cans of Harpoon (yes, cans!) the plan had grown in mileage by a whopping 100%.  But I’m getting ahead of myself…let’s rewind. read more