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Notchtop Couloir

After over a year of ogling, I’ve finally managed to tick off a big line in Colorado.  Various recon trips, scenic car rides, and guide books had stoked my fervor to get after some burly skiing, and with Kelly’s encouragement to go do something crazy without her, I started poking around on the internet looking for a backcountry shred crew. read more


For everyone who has ever asked, “Didn’t you just go [hiking|skiing|biking|rafting|kayaking|insert outdoors sport of choice here]?”  Well here is my response.  And you may (in fact I encourage you to) quote me on this.

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Camp Muir Classic

Sean, Tim and I did some mid-summer skiing just about a week ago. We day tripped over to Mt. Rainier and though we didn’t really luck out with the weather, we had a great time.

We got a reasonable start at Paradise, with plans to take it as we went, and immediately ran into this: read more


The mountain demands respect, and once in a while it decides to give you a gentle reminder.

What went wrong?  Hard to say.  Did I have a close enough look at my bindings to see if there was any snow in the toe piece before I started down?  Maybe not.  Should I have been charging as if I were on Dukes in the resort?  Probably not.  It’s a big mountain with real consequences and I think I got off easy…this time.  I think a solid goal for next season is going to be the avoidance of any ‘next times’. read more