Consolation Prize

I met up with Sweeney, Rob, and Kelly after their eventful day in the bowl, with plans to ski the next day.  Understandably, only Rob was considering a second tour.

We got an early start and headed to the West side to met up with Dalton & friends.  Three of us ended up skinning and hiking into some terrain the was new to me.  We thought we could skin all the way, but that wasn’t quite true.

Some spring features opening up.

Some spring features opening up.


The second crossing, with some views.

The summit from a new angle...

The summit from a new angle…

When Dalton and I got to our destination we transitioned for a quick traverse.  I clicked in, weighted my downhill ski, and it immediately went careening down the hill.  Dalton took off after it, when I couldn’t catch it.  Moments later I peered over a roll-over and saw it laying dejectedly among some rocks, damaged but alright.  The culprit was a loose heel piece.  Somehow the screws on my swap plate loosened themselves, adding (yet another) pre-release the the weekend.

I thought it was game over until I eventually found some kind French Canadians with tools (that I usually carry) and met back up with Dalton and Nick to wrap up afternoon with some great spring corn.

Original run #1, that became run #2

Original run #1, that became run #2

We skinned out and around, over and down into a sweet long gully of pristine corn.  The following shots are credit to Dalton, posted on the Worth skis FB page.

Making up for the morning...

Making up for the morning…


The prize, as shot from the runout by Dalton

The prize, as shot from the runout by Dalton

The last run, and the beer afterwards, saved the day, especially considering no one, and no gear was seriously injured.


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