So Kelly talked me into yet another crazy sport – Cyclocross: a hilarious merging of road racing and mountain bike racing.  Clocking in at around 40 minutes per race, it’s the sprint of bike racing formats.  Although for a slouch like me, it’s an endurance sport.  The courses are highly technical featuring isolated sprints, tight cornering, various obstacles which force you to dismount, off-camber traverses and other elements designed to slow you down or very carefully choose your line.

Despite being decidedly more cardiovascular, the sport has some surprising parallels to ski racing.  I’m most struck by the importance of reading the course, picking the most efficient line and holding it without dumping all of your speed.  In addition to rekindling my affinity for competition, I presume it’s also getting me into top-notch shape for some skinning and shredding in the upcoming months!

A few shots of myself hacking my way through the Providence course.



And Kelly, who actually knows what she’s doing, making some efficient moves during her heat.






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