Deal Daemon Video and Screenshots

Deal Daemon is nearly ready for prime time.  The UI is shaping up and all of the major features are working consistently.  More testing is needed, to be sure; but I can’t just stare at it forever.  It eventually needs to be released out into the wild where people will (mercilessly, no doubt) critique the interface and functionality and offer feedback.  And after that goes on for a while, I’ll eventually realize that it’s time for an update!

But for the time being, here’s what I’ve got:

The video looks best in YouTube.  It’s recorded using video capture software and the app is running in the Android 2.3.3 Emulator, which is made available for free in the Android Software Development Kit.  You basically launch a program on your desktop which looks and acts just like the phone would.  It’s a bit sluggish for two reasons.  1) The software is not optimized yet.  When I compile the production release it should get smaller (installation wise) and faster.  2) The Android Emulator has the uncanny ability to bring even the burliest PCs to their knees.  Such is the nature of virtual machines…

Defining a search on my HTC Inspire 4G
running Android 2.2.1.

Same hardware/OS.  Viewing a product detail
page to be sure I’ve chosen reasonable
search terms.

Same device again.  Notification panel shows
two matches: one for a pair of shorts on
Dogfunk, and another for a camp duffel
from Steap and Cheap.

Well, that’s about it for now.  Next on my agenda, is to compile the production release, digitally sign the app so that the Android Market can securely and reliably deliver it to users, register as an app developer with the Market and then start fielding bug/feature requests!

Oh, one last thing.  I figured out a way of collecting commissions from et al upon sales generated from Deal Daemon.  Why should you care?  Because I now no longer have a good reason to charge people for the software.  That’s right, it’s going to be 100% free!


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