Fall Fun

A few weekends ago, Ziehl, his friend Annelise and I headed off to the Sandwich Range for a short hike and some ski recon.  We decided to tackle Osceola and see if we could get a close look at the slides running down toward the Kanc on the North face of the mountain.  The ski recon turned out to be a total flop: once at the top, we found ourselves totally socked in with only 100′ or so of visibility.  We could probably have bushed-whacked to the slides using Backcountry Navigator for bearings, but the undergrowth was so thick and the visibility so poor that we scrapped that part of the itinerary.  We would have had to trample all sorts of alpine plants and probably still not get a great look at the objective.  The rest of the hike was pretty nice though, and Ziehl documents it here.

View Osceola Southern Approach in a larger map

After the hike, we decided to have some fun with my GoPro by mounting it in the windshield of my car for our exit from south side of Osceola via Tripoli Road.  Tripoli Road is a windy mountain road which snakes through Thornton Gap.  The road is seasonally closed, and is mostly unpaved.  It’s a quintessential New England backcountry road.  We aimed the GoPro out the window and set it to fire a single still shot once every 2 seconds.  While less than perfect, there were a few nifty shots in the bunch.  Here’s the best of the lot…

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One thought on “Fall Fun

  1. Adrian

    Hey, just as an FYI- I hiked up the main Osceola slide this past summer, and well, let’s just say… unless the conditions are just right (read: all-time), it’s gonna be rough goings.

    And you have no idea how right you are about the top woods being thick – that tiny portion, maybe .2mi probably took us around 30mins, if not longer… o_O

    Anyways, if you want more info, shoot me an email – I got tons of pics that might make my point a bit more clear 😉


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