Fighting for Scraps

Last weekend was right on the heels of the serious warm-up which occurred throughout the Northeast, and Sweeney and I were itching to do some touring.  Despite the previously warm weather and sudden cold snap, the Avy danger was considerable on Saturday due to unexpectedly high winds and snowfall, which didn’t leave many safe options open.  We decided to take what we could get, without getting ourselves in trouble.

Skinning GOS

Skinning up the Gulf of Slides Trail

Skinning GOS 2

Even so we had some fun touring in the woods, avoiding avalanche terrain and any slide paths.  We took Kelly and Ben along with us as well, for their first East coast tour, and skied down the Sherbie which was nice and soft.

Incredible morning lighting framed the terrain on our way up to Jay.

Next the day we set our sights on Jay as we’d read they received a fair bit of snow over the weekend.  As we parked a steep weather front greeted us, suddenly obscuring the mountain and bringing on huge wind gusts.  Sweeney and I hit some woods near the Orchard where he kindly pointed out a cool feature and snapped some pics.

Me in the Jay Woods.  Credit: Sweeney

Me in the Jay Woods. Credit: Sweeney

Part 2


Soon after, we met up with Rob and a few of our friends to hunt down the best snow and went for a bit of a walk.

Going for a walk

We dropped into some woods and Sweeney went ahead to snap a few more photos.

Rob tears it up

Rob tears it up. Credit: Sweeney

Rob ripping it 2


Skier: Brett.  Credit: Sweeney

Skier: Brett. Credit: Sweeney

Due to the winds, the lifts closed, and the day ended early.  Sweeney and I headed home before it got too late.

Snow outlining Cannon cliffs as we headed home.

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