First Post!

Hi all,

Here’s the scoop: I’ve started this blog with the intention of using it to journal all of my different weekend adventures. In particular, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to post notes, pictures, and videos from the Long Trail, which I’m hoping to through-hike in July. All of these notes, picture and videos will hopefully recorded and posted via my Android phone.
Before I actually hit the trail, I have a short list of technology which I need to become proficient with and get straightened out…
  • for starters I’m trying to get my domain name to point at blogger – hopefully this works out…
  • i’ll be trying to use Google Latitude to track my position in real-time (or as close to it as cell coverage and battery life permits)
  • I’ll be using a solar charger to charge my Android phone for the 18 days we expect to be gone – I need to get a feel for how much energy it can soak up during an average day and how much energy I can afford to spend each day taking photos, videos, etc…
  • and finally I need to figure out how best to upload my MyTracks data and post it to this blog
Sort of a tall order with some experimentation required to get it all right before I go… So, I’ll be trying out various bits and pieces of the whole thing over the upcoming few weekends.
More details regarding all of this crazy technology as well as trip planning to come!

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