Go Outdoors, Whatever the Weather May Bring

Catherine:  Back in early May, despite the weather reports, Andrew and I decided that we would go through with our plan to bike and camp the Cape Cod Rail Trail; a 26-mile route that goes from Dennis to Wellfleet. The weather didn’t lie, and it rained a lot, although we had pretty good luck with timing. We were able to set up our tent site at Nickerson State Park right before it downpoured. But then it basically rained the entire rest of our trip – stopping, of course, as soon as we reached the car Sunday morning.


Our campsite arrival



After setting up our site



Reaching Coast Guard beach




Andrew’s fire starting skills were tested in the rain, and he passed.


Andrew: Biking in and out of Nickerson was the hilliest part, but after we diverged from the rail trail and headed for Coast Guard beach was when it really turned into an adventure.  The winds picked up and threatened to blow us over.

We met up with some of Catherine’s friends in the evening who were kind enough to provide us with comfort foods: delicious snacks and beers.

All in all a great weekend, despite the rain.

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