Hell On Wheels!

A new sport graces the pages of 1water1coffee1beer: mountain biking!  Kelly talked me into this madness over the spring and it’s getting to be nearly as much of an addiction as skiing – and that’s saying something.  A few weekends ago, Kelly was in a race, and I decided to get creative with some cameras and gadgets.  After consulting Dad I set up my Canon point-and-shoot to a low ISO and a f-stop of 1/60 or 1/40; if you can manage to track the target during the exposure, you can get a relatively clear subject and a blurred background, giving the feel of rapid motion.  It’s going to take some practice, but some early action shots are below.

Also thrown into the mix is some remote controlled GoPro.  By hanging the GoPro from a tree and posting up, down the trail a bit, I could snag a few stills with my point-and-shoot before firing a 30-shot burst from the GoPro using the Android app, allowing me to capture a few choice angles of the action without having to be everywhere at once.  Check it out!


Remote GoPro


All smiles!


These two are clearly having a blast…


FYI, her bib is definitely 666…


Dangerous curves?

One thought on “Hell On Wheels!

  1. JC

    OK, a few questions:

    1) Where is this
    2) The woman on the two seater does NOT look happy
    3) 666 is the number of the beast according to Iron Maiden
    4) The biking looks like great exercise, but could result in a face plant with a rock or oak tree 🙂
    5) Take up parachuting….much safer…no face-plants, no head on collisions, better adrenaline rush. And, if it all goes south, you don’t have to worry about disfiguredment because you’ll be dead.


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