Hidden Valley: That One Lap

Kelly and I went up to Hidden Valley for a quick lap in RMNP this morning.  Finally the Avy Fx had settled down to moderate above and below treeline, so we geared up and went after some low angle white gold.  We thought it would be pretty darn good; in fact it was the second time this week I found myself proclaiming the snow to be the best I’d ever skied – the first instance was Tuesday while the defending champion was that time the Meatheads won Best Powder for their Jay segment.  So yea, best powder skiing I’ve had in nearly 5 years (best ever, probably) to include storm chasing all over New England plus various trips from back East to Colorado, Montana, Washington, Oregon and who knows where else I’ve forgotten.  It was that good.  And then we saw a herd of elk on the drive out of the park.  Feast your eyes.

IMG_4047 IMG_4051 IMG_4057 IMG_4060 IMG_4066 IMG_4075 GOPR8216.MP4.00_00_28_17.Still001

Pow turns backcountry skiing #rmnp #dpsskis @briangsweeney

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