Kinsman day hike

I’m doing a bit of back posting here, since I’ve been busy.  Having just returned from our Bigelow hike/kayak trip though, I figured I need to catch up.  Three weekends ago now Sweeney, Deb and I went up near Cannon Mt. to hike Kinsman.  Brian beat me to the punch,  but I figured I’d contribute my footnotes and photos.

View from the peak, looking at Lincoln and the Fraconia ridge.

We got a late start but managed to get in a solid hike.  As Brian mentioned, we didn’t really have a game plan, and ended up doing a fair bit of elevation change in the end.

I’d planned to hike Kinsman last fall, but rerouted to Chocorua instead due to the novelty.  As expected Kinsman had some great views, and it was cool looking over at the familiar ridge of Fraconia, where I spent a decent number of days hiking last year.

Chillen' on the peak, soaking up the view. Caught Sweeney in the act of piecing together a panorama.

Looking south towards Loon

Hikes like this remind me how enjoyable Fall hiking is. It’s hard to beat a cool, clear fall day in terms of hiking weather.  Kinsman was also a great warm-up for the Bigelow range traverse.

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