Long Cut on Long’s Peak

As a long overdue follow-on to last year’s post Long Day on Long’s Peak (anyone else enjoy that play on words?), I present Long’s Peak: Keyhole Route.  I’m continuing with a couple themes that I’ve latched onto recently.

  1. Google Earth flyovers – I don’t have a helicopter or a RED Digital Cinema camera so you get this instead.  I think it’s cool looking and it adds some context…
  2. Some semblance or story arc.  Alright maybe that’s a stretch, but the idea here (seen also in Castle Peak and mostly not seen in any of my skiing stuff) is that a solidly good, 1water1coffee1beer sort of day has a beginning, middle and end during which we travel through a variety of moods, conditions, and settings; almost like a miniature epic…
  3. Playlist format – saves me from feeling quite as bad when I have to cut 98% of the footage but allows for at least some of it to be narrowly focused and less indulgent than I often tend to be because I can include a few extras that would otherwise be gratuitous in an amateur short video.

Alright enough blabbing!  Full-screen, volume up, and draw the blinds a bit – best viewed with no glare!

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