Making the best of the weather

If you live in a place with perpetually very hard snow you should think about moving to a nicer climate, but not to Utah, please.” -Bruce Tremper, in Staying Alive

In spite of the rain in NE this past week, Rob, Sweeney and I were determined to find some decent skiing.  We were at Smuggs on Saturday, where it was definitely a day to focus on the touring rather than the skiing.  We bootpacked a mile or so in the area, where the rain crust made any potential runs look a little sketchy.  I tested the diagonal carry of my REI Double Diamond pack, which I found works well for getting the skis on the pack quickly, but for excursions of any length I much prefer the A-frame carry.  The diagonal straps allow the skis to hang a little too far off behind the pack.

In the afternoon we went on a brief skin, mostly to stretch our legs.  It turns out having skins correctly cut for your skis makes a huge difference.

Sweeney ahead on the skin track

We passed a few deer and rabbit tracks on the ascent through some calm low angle woods.  There wasn’t much snow so skiing down our skin track was pretty interesting.

We crossed lots of animal prints

Sunday, we decided to try Jay Peak, since Mt. Washington was reporting up to 80 mph winds.  We skied the tracked trees all day and had a blast.  Rob was on his new pair of Worth Daily Breads, which he let me try last weekend at Wildcat.  Worth Skis is an up and coming ski manufacturer that designed a line of East Coast specific backcountry skis.  I took Rob’s pair for a spin on some groomers where it gripped like a dream in variable snow.  I felt comfortable making GS speed turns, and really enjoyed the rebound they delivered.  I could swing around the 185s in the bumps as well.  Rob got the stiffer version with the Power Core which I found was maybe a little too much ski for me when making tighter turns, but I bet I’d like the softer version.

Update: Brian put up a brief TR with photos of Rob laying it over on his Worth Skis.

Right now, I’ve got my nose buried in Avy safety books.  Let’s hope the next few weeks hold some big storms for us.

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