More Deal Daemon Development!

Lightened theme, less clutter.

Things are moving right along with the next version of Deal Daemon.  The main highlights include: less clutter on the home screen, a cleaner style, social media sharing features and a more informative match notification.  There’s plenty of debugging left to do, the promo materials for the Play Store need updating (including the screen shots and video), and the home page needs to be refreshed…  In the mean time, eye candy:

Advanced options are hidden by default.

Searches screen, largely untouched.

Test search screen, also largely untouched.

More of the same…

Same notification page, new launcher icon.

Brand new match page! Actually contains useful information and features!

Forwarding for your non-Android-Empowered buddies.

For all of you social networking needs…

Looking sleek in API Level 15, the latest and greatest in Android operating systems.

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