One Year To The Day

It was one year to the day since I’d first skied Big Jay, and now we were back for more.  On such an anniversary day, we couldn’t let the opportunity pass us by.  In fact, it was the first day Rob and I met Jen, and we’d skied it together.  Rob, Jen and I got to the top of the line early in the day, and figured we’d take our time getting down and snap some footage.  I think our efforts paid off.

Group Photo

Some kind stranger snapped our photo, and didn’t snap up our line.

Rob Fox Big Jay 2

Someone told us it was all tracked.  Lucky for us that wasn’t the case.

Jen Big Jay

In fact, it was fresh and deep.

Rob Big Jay 3

Rob Big Jay 6

We switched off camera roles so we all had a chance to play.

Andrew Big Jay

Andrew Big Jay 2

One of my favorite things about leaving the resort is that it feels like you’ve suddenly been transported to a winter wonderland.

Jen Big Jay 2

Andrew Big Jay 6

Andrew Big Jay 5

Rob Big Jay 7

And when we were done we caught a ride back…

Jen Heading Back

Andrew Rob Heading Back


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