Rain and Cascades

…are two things that I’m hoping don’t always go together,  This past weekend Catherine and I went for a jaunt on the edge of the Northern Cascades, in search of “Lake 22”.  Similar to several previous fall hikes, we knew we were in for a bit of wet weather, and this time we made the day more about exploring old growth than bee-lining for a high alpine ridge.

Before embarking we discovered a swollen Creek 22, right next to the road.


As we ascended through fantastical, and dripping, forests, I contemplated bringing mylar umbrellas on the next rainy hike, something that Ray Jardine considers essential.

13 - 3

The moderate ascent was enjoyable, although the trail was quickly becoming it’s own cascade in sections, but before too long, we had reached the lake.

13 - 9

Imagine a glassy surface with the towering shoulder of Mt. Pilchuck on the right, and bald steep faces all around.  Still, even on a rainy day, it was a hidden gem, and we hung around long enough to snack before turning around.

13 - 12

13 - 11

The photos were limited to quick shots from my phone, as we deemed it too risky to soak anything else.  We’ll see what next weekend brings!

2 thoughts on “Rain and Cascades

  1. Karl

    Dude- fall in the Cascades- you’ll be lucky when you get a day with no rain. Just invest in great raingear and get out and enjoy the mountains!

    1. Andrew Ziehl Post author

      Haha, I guess I’m alright with that. Though, that was the heaviest rain we’ve seen here yet.


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