Rollins Pass

I’ve been meaning to put together an edit from this little jaunt for a while now, but just never managed to get around to it until now.  This departure from our normal people-powered adventure was schemed up to satisfy two goals: to conduct some backcountry skiing recon in the Rollins Pass region, and to find something adventurous (but not too adventurous) to do with Kelly’s mom.

Additionally, this post serves as an homage to my favorite adventure mobile (Xterrible) as well as Nokian Tyres which, as you’ll see, are some pretty darned awesome snow tires!

Finally, if you scroll all the way down, you’ll see some embedded social media.  I had this crazy idea that I should document all of my Xterrible Adventures and then wage a humble social media campaign lobbying the auto industry to get on top of producing some eco-friendly 4x4s.  Maybe by the time Xterrible blows up on the side of I-70 we’ll have a few decent choices. Anyway, this page will serve as a repository for those efforts!


Ready for action with @nissanusa #xterra and eagerly awaiting my #green4x4 dream!

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Ok, trying to actually start a movement now. Let’s see if name dropping some a few big auto companies in the comments of a high profile account get’s any traction (see comments section)…

@baloointhewild – “I used to feel like the dog king in my big ass pickup truck. Off-roading to remote parts of the desert to mountain bike and chase tasty bunnies. But then I realized, WTF!!, this beast of a transportation machine gets 14 miles per gallon of gasoline. And auto transportation is one of the biggest parts of my doggie carbon footprint (since I don’t fly in airplanes like @taylorfreesolo and Dad). Transportation is also one the best ways to make a change for the climate. So last week I told my humans HEY, we don’t need this thing to go far or get dirty. And that was it. They sold the truck and we replaced it with an 100% electric vehicle. And promised that next they would try to power that electric vehicle with solar panels on our garage. Thank god humans listen to dogs. We’re the only ones with any sense” ~ #whokilledtheelectriccar #ev

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