Screen Caps: A Brief Teaser

Turns out holiday weekends along with a touch of insomnia go a long way toward side projects. The Deal Daemon UI is starting to shape up (although there are still plenty of bugs) and the back-end is way more of a known quantity after some serious research. Now hopefully I can pull this off before these guys

The home screen gets an overhaul.  This is
it on my HTC Inspire 4G.  From here you
can simply save the terms and let it run, or
you can search the selected sites
immediately to refine your query. 

Searches running in parallel (platform

Potential matches begin to fill in.

The icons show which site the product was
pulled from.

Press and hold for product details.  From
here you navigate straight to the product
page for more information, or reset your
search terms to poll specifically for this item.

And your newly defined product search
is shown in the list of defined searches, with
the most recent at the top.  Again, icons
indicate where these searches will be run.

And because I know everyone was curious to see how this all gets done…

Constructive feedback is most welcome!  This thing has to be good or else ‘the competition’ will bury me, especially given their household-name strength of brand…

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