Seeking Serene Scenery enroute to Seattle

The road-trip reached a successful completion and Catherine and I are settling in to our new Seattle home, prepping for further northwestern adventures and the looming ski season!

We took lots of great photos, the best of which I’ll reproduce here.  Though I’ve cut it down a lot there are far too many for a single post.  I’ll keep it sparse worded and photo heavy, just for you, but I’ll also throw in some notes on our trip.

Here we go!

Grand Teton National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Glacier National Park

We drove straight to Chicago the first day to make sure we had more time for National Parks.  I could do a whole section on the Badlands as well, but we spent less time there than anywhere else.


Our first look into the Badlands


Catherine and I upon entering Badlands NP.


Just a few days later, we woke up in Montana, which I’ve come to learn is the fly fishing capital of the world.

Catherine made a short video of the trip, found here:

Boston to Seattle from Catherine Roach on Vimeo.

Thanks for our friends, Darren for putting us up, Cathy & Phil for their hospitality, and our families for their support!


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