Too Long: Don’t Read

Nobody has ever accused me of being brief, and yet I constantly hear in the back of my mind Shakespeare’s immortal admonition “Brevity is the Soul of Wit” each time I sit down to write.  While I may never be cured of my pathological verbosity, I might do everyone a service by simply directing them toward our most accessible (and least verbose content): the videos!  So, here follows a curated selection of multimedia presentations in the form of themed YouTube playlists, each along with it’s soundtrack in the form of a Spotify playlist.  These will evolve with time and I will attempt to keep them up to date.  Please enjoy!

Hint: use fullscreen for best viewing!

Dreamscapes: trip-hop, electronic and psychedelic backdrops to the great outdoors

Sit back and relax; these will put you at ease after a long day…

Classic Adventure with Classic Riffs

Very simple: classic lines and classic rock.

Heavy Action with Heavy Music

For those about to slay: for heavy music lovers only.   Or for those who want to see YouTube videos with big mountains.  Whichever.