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Ol’ Man Winter looks like he’s coming back for round two in the Rocky Mountains! With snow in the forecast practically every day of this week, we shot up to A-Basin for a quick refresher over the weekend.  Even after enduring a largely dry February and March, a 4″ reload did wonders for the slopes. The whole place was skiing better than we’d imagined. read more

…To Those Who Wait

While many New Englanders hunkered down and prepared for the worst, there were those among us who geared up and prepared for the best…

…well at least the best we’ve had in a while.  All the hype surrounding Nemo gave us hope that at least the resort skiing scene would get back on track, and in many ways it did.  The storm tracked further south than would have been preferred by some skiers, but pockets of the North received a healthy dose of our favorite natural resource.  Determined not to miss a single ounce of the precious stuff, and not to be marooned in the soon to be paralyzed Boston, we hit the road at the crack of dawn Friday morning. read more