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Tuckerman Inferno!

Last April, on a whim, Kelly and I signed up for the Tuckerman Inferno.  For those unacquainted, the Inferno is a pentathlon with solo categories, two-man team and five-man team categories.  We entered as  duo.  I would lead off with an 8+ mile run (with over 400 feet of hill climbing).  Kelly would take the second leg, navigating down the only recently thawed Saco River for 6+ miles, after which she would transition to the bike leg: 18 miles, nearly entirely uphill for a whopping  2000′ feet of climbing.  At Pinkham Notch Kelly would tag me and I’d set off on the last two stages of the race, the trail run, followed by the ski race.  The trail run consists of about 2000′ of hiking via the Tuckerman Ravine Trail, before a transition to ski gear for the final 800′ or so of climbing before skiing back down to Pinkham.  Check out the full course map, below. read more


So Kelly talked me into yet another crazy sport – Cyclocross: a hilarious merging of road racing and mountain bike racing.  Clocking in at around 40 minutes per race, it’s the sprint of bike racing formats.  Although for a slouch like me, it’s an endurance sport.  The courses are highly technical featuring isolated sprints, tight cornering, various obstacles which force you to dismount, off-camber traverses and other elements designed to slow you down or very carefully choose your line. read more

Go Outdoors, Whatever the Weather May Bring

Catherine:  Back in early May, despite the weather reports, Andrew and I decided that we would go through with our plan to bike and camp the Cape Cod Rail Trail; a 26-mile route that goes from Dennis to Wellfleet. The weather didn’t lie, and it rained a lot, although we had pretty good luck with timing. We were able to set up our tent site at Nickerson State Park right before it downpoured. But then it basically rained the entire rest of our trip – stopping, of course, as soon as we reached the car Sunday morning. read more

Bike Repair: Wheel Replacement

Last Tuesday I did a complete swap of the rear wheel on my Trek SU 100.  It took me a little while to throw this short post together because I’ve been distracted meticulously following the upcoming snow storm.

Sometime before the holidays I noticed my rear brakes were rubbing, and it turned out to be a crack on the side of my rear rim.  I blame Boston’s potholes.  I did a little reading and determined I didn’t want to wait for the wheel to “fail catastrophically” despite the fact the crack seemed innocuous enough.  Many bikers had probably had this happen to them, or done this repair, but this is the first time I’ve encountered a cracked rim. read more