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Fall Faceshots!

Who says you can’t get any faceshots just because there’s no snow on the ground? In search of thrills, some variety to our exercise routine, and some fall foliage, Kelly and I set out for the Androscoggin River for some entry-level white-water, and autumn kayak camping. Turns out we missed the foliage by about a week that far north, but the thrills and exercise were found in good supply. read more

Olympic Coast Overnight

With our National Parks re-opening (after much outrage), I thought I’d recount a hike Catherine and I had been wanting to do since we were planning our June Seattle/Portland trip: Backpacking the Olympic Coast.  Due to its relative remoteness, it deserved at least the two days we gave it, and offered a good deal of solitude. read more

Go Outdoors, Whatever the Weather May Bring

Catherine:  Back in early May, despite the weather reports, Andrew and I decided that we would go through with our plan to bike and camp the Cape Cod Rail Trail; a 26-mile route that goes from Dennis to Wellfleet. The weather didn’t lie, and it rained a lot, although we had pretty good luck with timing. We were able to set up our tent site at Nickerson State Park right before it downpoured. But then it basically rained the entire rest of our trip – stopping, of course, as soon as we reached the car Sunday morning. read more

15 Miles

Last weekend Ziehl and I pulled off our multi-day Bigelow Range / Flagstaff Lake excursion, as per our plan discussed earlier.  Our party unfortunately unraveled towards the last minute, with the final roster consisting of just the two of us.  We made some quick logistics adjustments (less cars, less boats) and went for it.  As it turned out, our shortened roster would actually be the least of our troubles before the end of the trip!  The full trip report follows. Friday We decided it might be prudent to get started as early as possible on Friday.  The original plan called for a Friday afternoon/evening departure with a goal of accommodating most people’s schedules, but now that our team was down to just two, we amended the plan and hit the road around 10 AM.  Ziehl swung by my place with the Pathfinder, I threw all my gear in the trunk, and we were off and running. read more