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Home Gym Vision

Recently, after some deliberation, Sweeney and I determined it was time to discontinue our gym memberships.  Ever since I moved, I’d been thinking about the possibility of using my basement as a workout room.  Between the two of us, we’ve managed to make the home gym a reality, by the sweat of our brows and a bit of legwork. read more

Miscellaneous Interlude – Biking, Running, and Eating

No photos to see here, I just wanted to take a moment to talk about a few other things I’ve been up to recently.

First off, bikes.  I have a small sample size that says biking is kind of addicting.  Originally I bought a bike off my friend Dwight to commute to work, and replace a old mountain bike of mine that got stolen.  One day I got fed up with being crammed on the Orange line, and started biking the 4 miles instead.  This was the first step down a road to a new, expensive hobby.  Soon I was biking everywhere, mainly utilitarian.  These days I bike generally at least 6 miles day. read more

Getting in shape: How to make the gym work out. Part 3

Part 3: 101 guide to carrying people:  Weight Lifting

If you’re just joining us, Part 1 starts here.

It’s common knowledge that if you lift heavy things repeatedly, you’ll get stronger. Currently I’ve been following the Stronglifts.com 5×5 workout, which I think is a great resource.  But weight lifting isn’t just for guys, it’s great for women too. read more