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For everyone who has ever asked, “Didn’t you just go [hiking|skiing|biking|rafting|kayaking|insert outdoors sport of choice here]?”  Well here is my response.  And you may (in fact I encourage you to) quote me on this.

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Not Much Skiing to be Had? Time for a Hike

The time was ripe for a nice weekend hike two weeks ago. Prior to the big storm we just got in NE, the snow situation was getting a bit depressing.

We picked our target-Cannon, and packed for a two-day stay on Fraconia ridge.  We started the hike along with a big group decked out in the latest and greatest REI gear, and set out at a steady pace for the AMC hut at Lonesome Lake.  When we reached the Lake about an hour later, there were a number of other people gathered, like us, excited to be there.  We could see the hut just peaking out from the trees across the lake. read more


There, I’ve said it: snowliage.  That’s precisely what it was, and why we were there.  We saw some pretty ripe leaves, some frosted peaks, and some blue skies and generally spent some quality time in the mountains getting stoked for the snow season!  Eye candy was produced in abundance. read more

Winter Readiness: Shakedown Cruise

With winter fast approaching, Ziehl and I figured it was about time for a pre-ski season shakedown cruise on Franconia Ridge. In light of our lofty backcountry skiing ambitions, we felt compelled to benchmark our conditioning on familiar grounds. I also was interested to see how my new shell pants and jacket would perform in alpine conditions. And, with little else to do besides take in the view one step at a time, mountains make the ideal place to get fired up for the upcoming ski season by endlessly speculating as to the snow conditions of various aspects, potential challenges on the approach, estimated ratio of fun to effort…you get the idea. Any way, here’s the map: read more