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Ouzel Backpacking

It occurred to us  the other day, that for some reason we haven’t been backpacking once yet in Colorado!  Clearly this was unacceptable, so Kelly picked out a nice warm-up outing so we could get our backpacking legs under us for the season.  We booked a spot at Ouzel Lake, which has an upper and lower site.   The lower spots were filled so we settled for the upper sites.  The upper site is a tad farther from the trail-head, though in either case the whole walk would have been roughly 10 miles round trip.  Would have been… read more

Flash! Thunder!

Similarly spectacular, but an order of magnitude more perilous, hike number two is in the books for Brian and Kelly in Colorado: Season 2.  Objective hazards don’t really eat at me all that much.  A long climb in no-fall terrain, for example is cut and dry: be careful and don’t fall.  Or storm skiing in the backcountry: stay off the steep slopes or anything attached to a steep slope.  Risk mitigated.  It’s the stuff that you really have no control over – no effective means of mitigation – that freaks me out. read more

Castles in the Sky

And now for the real story behind Castle Peak: planning, route-finding and all!  Perhaps surprisingly given how long it all is, the video does not really show a good hunk of the hike.  Nor does it really give much beta, which could be useful down the road.  There were also a few cool pictures which didn’t make it into the video – it was just getting too long.  So here goes… read more