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Olympic Coast Overnight

With our National Parks re-opening (after much outrage), I thought I’d recount a hike Catherine and I had been wanting to do since we were planning our June Seattle/Portland trip: Backpacking the Olympic Coast.  Due to its relative remoteness, it deserved at least the two days we gave it, and offered a good deal of solitude. read more

Monadnock Warm Up Run

Now that it’s just about June, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that ski season is finally over.  I even pulled all of my skis out of the Thule box and propped them up in their summer resting place.

All is not lost, however.  With the weather getting nicer every day, I can’t help but find myself excited for the summer hiking season, and I certainly won’t miss dragging a million pounds of gear all over New England every weekend. read more