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Flash! Thunder!

Similarly spectacular, but an order of magnitude more perilous, hike number two is in the books for Brian and Kelly in Colorado: Season 2.  Objective hazards don’t really eat at me all that much.  A long climb in no-fall terrain, for example is cut and dry: be careful and don’t fall.  Or storm skiing in the backcountry: stay off the steep slopes or anything attached to a steep slope.  Risk mitigated.  It’s the stuff that you really have no control over – no effective means of mitigation – that freaks me out. read more

Long Day on Long’s Peak

With Fall rapidly approaching, I felt that 14er season, especially for novices like me, would be quickly coming to a close.  Emboldened by my recent success on Capital Peak, I decided to go after Long’s Peak.  When the leaves are down, I can just about see it out my office window.  A quick drive around the block reveals the towering peak, in all of it’s glory.  It’s been taunting me since we moved into the house last November.  I could no longer just ignore it.  So, I checked the weather about a thousand times, squared away my affairs with work for the week, packed a huge heap of clothing, food, and water, and set my alarm for 2:45 AM.  Two hours and 15 minutes later (I really need to work on my alpine starts) I was on the trail and ready to rock. read more