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Bagging the End of the AT

Just before the 4th,  Rob, Sweeney and I were up with friends rafting near Baxter State Park.  Though the camping weather was overly moist, the rafting was a blast.  That night Rob and I set our sights on peak bagging Katahdin.

We were heading out around 8 when our friend Ben showed up and we all drove off into Baxter. The hike began under cloudy skies into dense fog up from Abol campground.  We quickly rose above treeline where the trail followed a rock slide and led us up one of the steepest continual ascent we’ve encountered since Great Gulf. read more

Whirlwind Acadia Weekend

I wasn’t sure it would happen, but this past August I managed to continue the tradition of making it up to Acadia at least once.  I had to drive by myself both ways, but it was totally worth it for an amazing weekend on the island.

I drove up Friday and made it onto the island in time to settle in before it got too late.  Saturday morning we put in my sister’s Kayak and rented another to head out into Somes Sound.  The weather was perfect, blue skies, and glassy ocean without much wind. read more

The Bigelow Adventure

This outstanding trip may have been my favorite hiking trip of the year to date.  Sweeney has already posted his take of the excursion, though I have a few notes and photos to add myself.

The trip itself was thought up by Sweeney when he and a friend hiked part of the range last year, so he had more accurate expectations of what we’d encounter.  The plan was to drive up Friday, stow the kayaks at the eastern end of Lake Flagstaff, then drive to the other end of the range, and camp out near the lake.  We’d hike the range with all our gear Saturday, and then kayak back Sunday, leaving some extra time on Monday in case we didn’t make it all the way. read more

15 Miles

Last weekend Ziehl and I pulled off our multi-day Bigelow Range / Flagstaff Lake excursion, as per our plan discussed earlier.  Our party unfortunately unraveled towards the last minute, with the final roster consisting of just the two of us.  We made some quick logistics adjustments (less cars, less boats) and went for it.  As it turned out, our shortened roster would actually be the least of our troubles before the end of the trip!  The full trip report follows. Friday We decided it might be prudent to get started as early as possible on Friday.  The original plan called for a Friday afternoon/evening departure with a goal of accommodating most people’s schedules, but now that our team was down to just two, we amended the plan and hit the road around 10 AM.  Ziehl swung by my place with the Pathfinder, I threw all my gear in the trunk, and we were off and running. read more