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Mt. Mansfield

Another New England classic, Tripp and I decided to hike Mansfield last weekend. The weather turned out to be excellent with almost no clouds at all and temps in the mid 60s. We got up at the crack of dawn, drove up via I93 to I89 and hit the trail at 11 AM. There are numerous parking areas in Smugglers Notch, providing easy access to the trails. read more

Epic Fall Ridge Walk

The plan: drive to Stratton, ME the coolest way possible, set up camp some place chill, kick back for the night and hit the trail early for a traverse of the Bigelow Range.  The Bigelow Range is due north of Sugarloaf and is in fact where Sugarloaf was originally slated to be cut, however some civil engineers dammed up a river and created Flagstaff Lake where the base village was supposed to be.  This nixed the ski resort plans and they picked Sugarloaf instead, but I digress.  My point: Sugarloaf is awesome, so if the Bigelows were Plan A of that whole endeavor, they really must have something going for them.  I gotta check this out.  Details… read more


Here it is, short and sweet…

Moosilauke is a nice hike, not too challenging, but plenty substance for a solid day followed by some refreshments (which is exactly what we did, by the way).

The hike begins at the Dartmouth Outing Club lodge; getting from there to the correct trail head is mildly confusing due to high number of trails originating at that spot.  A good AMC map is helpful, here.  The first few miles are quick going, with little elevation gain, and a few pleasant stream crossings.  Shortly after you begin to gain any serious elevation (around 3000 ft.) you are treated to one or two south easterly vistas.  Around 4000 you encounter the only real steep part of the ascent, a series of tight switchbacks punctuated by notably wind-stunted trees.  Before long you emerge above the tree line. read more