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For everyone who has ever asked, “Didn’t you just go [hiking|skiing|biking|rafting|kayaking|insert outdoors sport of choice here]?”  Well here is my response.  And you may (in fact I encourage you to) quote me on this.

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Hell On Wheels!

A new sport graces the pages of 1water1coffee1beer: mountain biking!  Kelly talked me into this madness over the spring and it’s getting to be nearly as much of an addiction as skiing – and that’s saying something.  A few weekends ago, Kelly was in a race, and I decided to get creative with some cameras and gadgets.  After consulting Dad I set up my Canon point-and-shoot to a low ISO and a f-stop of 1/60 or 1/40; if you can manage to track the target during the exposure, you can get a relatively clear subject and a blurred background, giving the feel of rapid motion.  It’s going to take some practice, but some early action shots are below. read more