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Pemi Loop

Summer 2014 came and went with nary a rugged mile hiked the entire season! Not really sure what happened, but Kelly and I managed to get roped into everything aside from hiking. No regrets really – just no mountain climbing in 2014.

In May of 2105 we uncorked our bottled up zeal for arduous mountain adventure by doing what we do best: biting off way more than we can chew and getting ourselves good and committed. Of course we invited everyone we could think of (the final roster included Deb, Ruthie, Ben, myself and Kelly) and sallied forth into the Pemigewasset Wilderness armed with a smorgasbord of untested backpacks, unbroken boots, and ill-conditions legs. read more

Pemi Loop: Ski Beta

As per the main Pemi Loop TR, here is the ski beta companion post.  If you arenot interested in backcountry skiing, this is probably a good post to skip: it’s pretty dry and in essence just a bunch of maps and weird photos.  At the risk of providing too much detail (not sure if that’s possible for this topic), each entry will follow this general format: read more

Pemi Loop

After an entire week of sweating my face off around Boston, Rob, Shane and I figured it was about time to head back up north for some cooler climes, fresh air and good old fashioned exercise.  The plan came together at the absolute last minute, with details lacking finalization until some late hour of Friday night.  Per usual, we reasoned that we’d better stock up on calories, so we hit the town in search of beers and burgers.  Around midnight we skulked back to our respective apartments, set our alarms for 6:30 AM and crashed.  Shortly after 7 AM we all rallied and set off for Lincoln, NH. read more