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LT Day -1

Slight change in plans. We’re getting dropped off at the trail tomorrow morning around 10 am. Tentative schedule still stands. I just cleaned and waxed my boots, and gave myself a haircut and shave. I have the itinerary and some notes printed and in a dry bag, along with the LT Guide Book. My bag is totally packed minus a few incidentals. Here’s the final loadout, if i can remember it all: read more

LT Day -2

Getting pretty close. I still need to polish my boots, get a haircut, shave and pick up my spare socks from Tripp. We’re going to get Denaro to drop us off tomorrow night in sourthern VT. I’m going to drive the left over food out to Andrew Ziehl’s tonight and leave it with him – he’s agreed to meet us at the summit of Killington for our first resupply. Things are shapin’ up… read more