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Seeking Serene Scenery enroute to Seattle

The road-trip reached a successful completion and Catherine and I are settling in to our new Seattle home, prepping for further northwestern adventures and the looming ski season!

We took lots of great photos, the best of which I’ll reproduce here.  Though I’ve cut it down a lot there are far too many for a single post.  I’ll keep it sparse worded and photo heavy, just for you, but I’ll also throw in some notes on our trip. read more

2013 Roadtrip: Grand Teton NP

We made it to Wyoming and the Tetons by Tuesday afternoon (Day 4), and I was definitely not prepared for the gorgeous views.

The Tetons, which seem to pierce the sky, have no foothills blocking them.

The first ‘view’ at Oxbow Bend.

Heading into Jackson, we stopped to catch the sunset.  After experiencing the town a bit, the next day we went for a long hike along Jenny and it’s neighboring lakes. read more

2013 Roadtrip: Yellowstone NP

I wish we could’ve done more in Yellowstone, but due to a bit of bad luck we had even more limited time.  There was too much to see in a day.  My NP book recommends a week just to see everything, not even get into the backcountry.

We’re in Yellowstone! …Almost.  Due to a car fire, they closed the entrance for 2 hours, just as we arrived. read more