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June-uary on Rainier

For the first time of my life, I’ve skied a volcano.  It’s a cool thought, although many people make the trip to Rainier, and yesterday was no exception.  After eye-balling topo-maps, NWAC, and talking with a local shop, I decided to head to Rainier solo and see what it’s all about. read more

Pemi Loop: Ski Beta

As per the main Pemi Loop TR, here is the ski beta companion post.  If you arenot interested in backcountry skiing, this is probably a good post to skip: it’s pretty dry and in essence just a bunch of maps and weird photos.  At the risk of providing too much detail (not sure if that’s possible for this topic), each entry will follow this general format: read more

Spring: the part of the ski season where the weather is more enjoyable.

That’s right, even after hanging out on the beach in California I could not be deterred.  As of April 30th there was still plenty of snow on the mountains (if you know where to look) and it wasn’t going to get skied on by itself!  This time out, me managed to round up a pretty epic crew: myself, Alex, Rob, Shane, Hannah, Ziehl, and Christine.  The plan was ski Tucks (or more accurately, what’s left of it) on Saturday.  The weather was shaping up nicely: partly sunny, breezy, and highs in the mid 40s.  An excellent day of spring skiing by any measure! read more