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Little Jay

This past weekend Mother Nature continued to bless us with a moderate “refresher” snowfall.  After lapping it up in the Jay inbounds, Kelly and I decided to mosey over to Little Jay in search of some untracked.  With the internet yielding a surprising lack of trip reports concerning our objective, we really were just winging it.  From asking around, we determined that we should park at the Big Jay parking lot, cross the street and follow a pretty obvious skin track up the mountain.  Armed with this scant intel, we set off in search of pow. read more

One Year To The Day

It was one year to the day since I’d first skied Big Jay, and now we were back for more.  On such an anniversary day, we couldn’t let the opportunity pass us by.  In fact, it was the first day Rob and I met Jen, and we’d skied it together.  Rob, Jen and I got to the top of the line early in the day, and figured we’d take our time getting down and snap some footage.  I think our efforts paid off. read more

Cold Smoke

The Jay Cloud was in full effect and we hit the road good and early for first chair on Saturday morning.  We scored first tracks on deliverance and found face-shots aplenty throughout the rest of the day.  With a few inches of refresher, Sunday was in nearly as good condition as Saturday with well over a foot of fresh over the entire weekend following roughly four feet during the previous week.  For day two we hit Big Jay, then made a slightly ill informed attempt at Gilpin, across the street from The Dip.  The results…well see for yourself! read more