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Camel’s Hump

The weekend following the Bigelows I was planning to visit my sister up in Burlington.  Originally I’d wanted to do a brief overnight, but due to the weather and a slight lack of time, we turned it into a nice day hike.

Camel’s Hump is Vermont’s third highest peak, but it seems there might be a bit of debate over that.  I didn’t get a good look at the distinct shape until I was heading back to Boston, when it was clearer, but it stands clearly above the surrounding mountains. Unfortunately I failed to get a good photo of it before it was out of sight. read more

Bolton Valley Sidecountry and treeskiing

Rob and Christine hunting
for some sidecountry
powder skiing

Over a month overdue, here’s my report from the Bolton Valley sidecountry. We’d heard a number of things about this place, aside from the fact that it’s flat and full of kids and old people. Those things are true, but what many do not know is that not many people go there looking for tree skiing or sidecountry, so when it snows (which is pretty much all it did this winter) Bolton holds onto it for a long time. We headed up there on January 29th, did some digging around and found a few cool places to ski. read more

Head Monsters, Marker Dukes, Mad River Glen, Jay Peak and La Niña…

…Are all my new favorite things.

Northern Vermont got blasted with snow last week and over the weekend. Mad River Glen and Jay were both 100% open so we packed the car and headed north. MRG had been mostly closed during the week, so we figured we’d hit MRG on Saturday for some fresh tracks, and then migrate up to Jay on Sunday to take advantage of the overnight snowfall they were expecting. read more