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Deal Daemon: Open Beta

HTC Inspire 4G notification pane with a real
live alert from Deal Daemon.

That’s right folks; as of about 5 minutes ago this thing finally does something moderately useful.  I think I’m about ready for an open beta test.  Any volunteers?  If you actually help me with this, I’ll hook you up with a free copy of the software and updates for as long as I continue to update it. read more

Screen Caps: A Brief Teaser

Turns out holiday weekends along with a touch of insomnia go a long way toward side projects. The Deal Daemon UI is starting to shape up (although there are still plenty of bugs) and the back-end is way more of a known quantity after some serious research. Now hopefully I can pull this off before these guys
read more

The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For…

If you read this blog, chances are this one applies directly to you.  My undying quest to never pay full price for anything I don’t have to naturally led me to Backcountry.com along with Steep and Cheap and Tramdock.  Of course, really taking advantage of these sites requires near obsessive compulsive attention to them at all hours of the day – mildly problematic.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just be alerted when the items you really wanted went on sale?  Now for the prestige; we’re pretty darn close: read more