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The Loch

Hinge season in Colorado Rockies!  Honestly, I usually have a tough time with the end of winter, but between the great hiking conditions and steep skiing opportunities, there’s not much to complain about.

A couple weeks ago Kelly and I shot up to RMNP for a casual hike out to the Loch.  You depart from the Glacier Gorge trailhead off of Bear Lake road and follow a moderately ascending trail past numerous stunning vistas. Herein lies the magic of hiking in these parts: in New England (what I’m used to, and my point of reference for much mountain-sport), grand and sweeping views are usually only had at the top of a mountain. Out here, with the relatively thin foliage and close proximity to treeline, you quickly find yourself in the realm of the breathtaking. Thus, a casual stroll uphill terminating nowhere near the summit of anything can easily result in scenes worthy of Ansel Adams’ attention. It’s almost too easy! read more

Vacation in Paradise

Back in June I flew down to Fort Myers to check out my sisters grand palace and see generally see how people keep busy down south.  Since I now consider myself to a be a fairly dyed-in-the-wool mountain man, I had my reservations about visiting one of the flattest states in The Union.  Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised.  While I was down there, we worked in some sea kayaking, paddle boarding, beaching, eating, drinking, and saw more wildlife in two days than I’ve seen in just about every New England hike I’ve ever been on put together.  The photos below hardly do justice.  But they’re still pretty good…  If in doubt, find someone who knows what they’re doing, and visit Florida with them. read more