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Vantage Camping

To escape the Seattle area weather, it was time for some winter camping! Also, it was Atlas’ first camping experience, and thus the first time he has made it on the site. Last September Catherine and I got Atlas as an eight week old German Shorthair Pointer puppy! Now he’s old enough to come with us on some adventures.

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Although we were cautious at first, after 30-50 people made it across the lake, we walked straight acrossin the morning.

Not Much Skiing to be Had? Time for a Hike

The time was ripe for a nice weekend hike two weeks ago. Prior to the big storm we just got in NE, the snow situation was getting a bit depressing.

We picked our target-Cannon, and packed for a two-day stay on Fraconia ridge.  We started the hike along with a big group decked out in the latest and greatest REI gear, and set out at a steady pace for the AMC hut at Lonesome Lake.  When we reached the Lake about an hour later, there were a number of other people gathered, like us, excited to be there.  We could see the hut just peaking out from the trees across the lake.

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The Oregon Trip: Road Trip

There’s no short way to tell this tale, so I won’t even try.  In fact, the scope of the story is so great, that words would hardly do it justice.  To that end, I’ll start with the map:

View Norway Basin in a larger map

The plan was to rally in Portland and embark on a shred-quest, the scale of which had been witnessed by none of us before…  The team consisted of myself, Rob, his brother Brad, Brad’s best friend Ryan, and fellow ski team alum Karl.  We’d rally in Portland, drive 6.5 east to Halfway, OR.  From there we’d meet up with the Wallowa Alpine Hut guides at the Carson House and spend one last night in civilization before plunging into the wilderness.  The following morning, the guides would tow us into the woods behind a snowmobile for roughly 6 miles, at which time, we’d skin an additional 2.5 miles and 2000 vertical feet to the Norway Basin yurt.  The yurt would serve as our back-country skiing base-camp for the next 5 nights.

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