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Dirtbag’s Ski Condo

Between Christmas, Thanksgiving, illness, house projects, lack of snow, and a laundry list of other dumb excuses, we hadn’t managed to get on snow until MLK weekend.  We fired up Xterrible at 5:36 in the AM and made good time on the highway until we got to Golden on I-70 at which time traffic ground to a crawl.  Fast forward three excruciating hours to 8:30 AM, and we found ourselves standing in a humongous line in the A-Basin base lodge hoping to fill up on Huevos Rancheros and bad coffee.  Regarding first chair: all hope was long since abandoned. read more

Rollins Pass

I’ve been meaning to put together an edit from this little jaunt for a while now, but just never managed to get around to it until now.  This departure from our normal people-powered adventure was schemed up to satisfy two goals: to conduct some backcountry skiing recon in the Rollins Pass region, and to find something adventurous (but not too adventurous) to do with Kelly’s mom. read more

Winter Readiness: Xterrible!

Before Winter 14-15 gets into gear (which seemingly won’t be for a while as of this writing) a couple of nagging issues have to be addressed with our adventure mobile.  Firstly, the second generation Xterra in it’s factory configuration tends to bottom out when hauling ass over big potholes and rough roads.  No fun when riding to or from the mountains exhausted at 10:30 PM.  And second, the infamous Thule tried to sabotage my new carbon fiber skis last winter and such behavior wouldn’t be tolerated again! read more