To Ride, Shoot Shoot Straight and Shred Pow

My partners in crime Ziehl and Marshal have already done photographic justice to the pivotal weekend of February 26th storm which totally dominated Jay Peak, so rather than belabor the point, I’ll officially post the highlight reel.  Hope you enjoy!


3 thoughts on “To Ride, Shoot Shoot Straight and Shred Pow

  1. Andrew

    awesome video dude!

    looks really fun, I like how it really looks POV

    did you have the camera mounted on your helmet? it looks like both of your arms are free.

    Also pretty disappointed that you didn’t overlay motorhead over the entire video, as much as I did enjoy listening to you exhaling and grunting down the slopes.

    also the audio actually cuts out at the end for me near the end

  2. Brian Sweeney

    thanks dude! i switch between helmet mount and chest mount in this video. i actually think i might go back and totally redo this one. i actually was thinking maybe symptom of the universe, but maybe a little of ace of spades would do nicely… you gotta check out oregon video its way better than this one (both in sound track and quality of footage). thanks for watching!

  3. Brian Sweeney

    o yea im aware of the audio issue. it was either an audio codec screw glitch or its entirely possible that my PC ran out of memory mid way thru the export and one of the processes died before it was done. it took me months to figure that out… i ended just buying 16 GB of RAM and using a different encoder and it stopped happening. one of these days ill re-export this.


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